Release 2019.6



Contents of Release 2019.6

General changes and fixes

  • A default value for the location of a vacancy can be set in the Indeed settings. If a vacancy does not have a location and is sent to Indeed, the default value will be used.
  • Apply with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Oauth succeeded, but gave an error. The error has been fixed.
    • If a candidate used Apply with LinkedIn for the first time ever, the candidate would get an error notification, even though the functionality worked. The error has been resolved.
  • Extraneous fields from the vacancy file removed when not using the Manager Portal.
    • The fields such as "Proposal completed if answered by one manager portal user" were also visible if you did not use the manager portal. These fields have now been made invisible.
  • Removed conflict with review being mandatory, yet invisible in the portal.


  • Added Task documents to Employee and Programme application overview.
    • The documents related to a Task were only visible in the Task itself. We have made it possible for these documents to be visible within the Employee and Programme overview too.

Manager portal

The following issues have been resolved within this release:

  • The default value for fulltime, Yes, is removed for vacancies created by a vacancy card without the fulltime field on the form. The default value is now empty.
  • A threading issue in the manager portal has been fixed.