Release 2019.12



Contents of Release 2019.12

General changes and fixes

  • We have added Bullhorn's most recent privacy statement in the login screen, available in multiple languages.
  • We have added filters for anonymized and blocked candidates in the registration overview, so you can exclude anonymized candidates from your search. We also added these fields to the talentpool view, contact view and employee view.
  • The field "Priority programme" was visible to everyone, even if you didn't use the Mobility module. This is no longer the case. "Priority programme"now only shows for clients who use the Mobility module.
  • The Registrations-tab was slow to some clients. We've done technical improvements in our database in order to increase the loading speed.
  • The login page now shows the correct marketing messages.

Candidate Portal

  • It is now possible to make registration fields mandatory. A setting has also been created for this, which allows you to turn this option on and off. This setting can be found in the candidate portal setting screen. This will enable you to ask for extra information (such as the candidate's first name) when they are registering for a candidate portal account.

Manager Portal / Webservice

  • When creating manager portal users automatically, the webservice always used the person's external code. You can now choose between the external code, firstname.lastname, the manager's email address, or disable the automatic creation altogether.