Data-export module

The Data export module makes it possible to send the data within the FastForward system on a continuous basis via a secure connection to your own (Business Intelligence) environment, such as PowerBI or Cognos.

Table of contents:


Today's need for information and analysis is something we at FastForward gladly respond to. Traditionally we have the reporting tool to meet this need, in which a large amount of information can be gathered. There is also the module for Google Analytics, to send real-time information to your Google Analytics environment.

With this new module we are taking it one step further, and offer the possibility to access the raw data from the FastForward environment. By placing the raw data from FastForward in your own (BI) environment, you can combine the data from the system with other source systems and create a holistic picture.

The module delivers the data once a day over a secure connection. More about this under the heading 'Operation'.


When the module is acquired, the following 3-step plan is followed:

  • Together with a consultant a Functional Design will be drawn up, in which the data model, the data types and the way of sending are defined.
  • A copy will be made from the Production environment to the Acceptance environment.
    The consultant will set up the Acceptance environment to send the data to (the test environment of) the BI system.
  • After a successful test, the configuration will be transferred to the Production environment.


The data is accessed daily via a secure connection (SSH) to the receiving party's SFTP server. The data is accessed in CSV format, making it compatible with most, if not all, BI tools. The structure of the data is determined by FastForward, and is therefore offered in the most raw form. Transformation of the data takes place within your own environment.

What is it not?

  • We don't do (trend) analyses on the data, it's raw data.
  • We deliver the data as a snapshot. The anonymisation/removal of personal data must take place on the side of the BI system or ETL process.
  • The data model cannot be adjusted to your own wishes. Additional data can be added, after consultation with the consultant and (if applicable) your account manager. There may be additional costs associated with this.