Interviews in the Manager Portal

The Interview Module allows the Manager Portal user to give feedback on an interview.








The Interview module was developed from the need to be able to offer Manager Portal users feedback on interviews from within the Manager Portal. With the Interview module, we not only provide that capability, but we also provide a secure way to process the personal data.

The Interviews module covers the step interview planning and interview completed in the standard workflow. In the FastForward application a candidate is invited for an interview. In the Manager Portal feedback on the interview, a final assessment and status is submitted by the Manager Portal user.

This registration is visible for the recruiter in FastForward. It is no longer necessary to send the data by email.



You can request the Interview Module via your account manager. When the module is implemented, we go through the following steps..

  • The setup is determined together with a consultant. 
  • The consultant shows the administrator/superuser of the customer how to use the module. . 
  • The setup is set up and supervised by the consultant on the acceptance environment.
    • the client handles communication internally regarding the upcoming new way of working, think manuals, e-mail and intranet messages.
    • The client provides communication from FastForward, think standard documents (emails) and texts in the Manager Portal.
    • the consultant handles any modification of the standard workflow
  • After agreement on the setup on the acceptance environment, the setup/configuration is brought to the production environment.

How to

For the Manager Portal user

In the Manager Portal, the top menu is expanded to include a "Interviews" heading and a widget on the "Overview" tab.

The Manager Portal user has an overview in the number of scheduled interviews and the number of conducted interviews that still have an action pending.


Understanding data at interview

The Manager Portal user, often a hiring manager or selection committee member, has visibility into data from

  • the candidate
  • the interview
  • the vacancy
  • responses
  • scores


Input interview items

The Manager Portal user can take notes directly in the Manager Portal during the interview or later add an interview report in the memo field or upload a document.

To complete an interview, there are 3 steps to take:

  • Submit or upload interview report
  • Give final rating - interview review
  • Update status

When you have completed all these steps, the interview in the workflow in the application jumps to 'Interview ' and the Recruiter can continue processing the candidate's registration. In the Manager Portal, the interview moves from 'Action Required' to 'Completed'.

Note! The colors of the buttons may be different for each organization.


Interview report

One interview record can be submitted per interview. If an interview has taken place with both the Hiring Manager and a Selection Committee member, they can work together on the interview in the portal. For example, the Selection Committee member can type a start in his/her portal environment. Then the hiring manager completes the report in his/her portal.



Ratings and responses

Furthermore, you can enter ratings and responses. These are then visible to the other participants in the interview, and the recruiter can also retrieve them in the application.


Interview review





How to for the recruiter

Plan interview

When scheduling an interview and inviting the candidate to this interview, you can add the interview location and any interview guidelines. Both of these details are displayed in the Manager Portal to the Hiring Manager and/or Selection Committee member.

The planning of the interview proceeds as usual.

In addition, a link can be included in the e-mail message to the Hiring Manager that accesses the candidate's details and interview. Adding this link can be provided by an application administrator.

The highlighted parts in the above post are automatically generated data entered at the " plan interview" step.


Action following interview

As a recruiter you can see in your workflow whether the interview has taken place and whether a report has been added. Attention, this workflow part is not set up by default. Ask your administrator to add the section 'Interview planned, conducted, processed with report' to the workflow.

The report is entered by the Manager Portal user plus a final rating and status. The recruiter can view this data by opening the "interview conducted" step in the candidate file.


Based on this data and any additional data such as 'reaction' and 'score', the recruiter can continue the process and invite the candidate to follow up or reject.

The reaction and score can be viewed in the application at the details of the 'interview conducted' step.


These are the interview details: 




Maintenance and management

The interview module can be set up through the Management tab at Manager Portal interview settings. Adjustments in these settings can be done by Bullhorn support.



Meaning input fields

Number of days that interviews are displayed

The number entered equals the number of days the interview is visible in the portal from the time it is scheduled.

Also send email reminder for submitting report to selection committee members?

Checking the checkbox will also send an email reminder interview report to selection committee members.

Show interview history to hiring manager for interview reasons

Interview history is displayed to the hiring manager in the Manager Portal based on the interview reasons selected here.

Showing interview history to selection committee members for interview reasons

Interview history is displayed to selection committee members in the Manager Portal based on the interview reasons selected here.

E-mail prior to interview

The linked template is used to send an email one day before the interview as a reminder that the interview will take place the next day.

Email reminder submitting interview report

The linked template is used to send a reminder on the day of the interview that the interview report is due.

Document templates

Document templates of the type 'interview' can be created with the following matching merge items:

  • {interview_link}
  • {report_link}​

Both merge-items refer to the manager portal. The first one refers to the interview itself, with all the information about the candidate and the vacancy. The second refers to the function within the interview to insert or upload an interview report.