Release 2021.3



Contents Release 2021.3

General changes and fixes

  • The column 'Content of last contact' didn't show the correct information. It is now filled correctly.
  • We have made some security changes in our applications.
  • The Flipbase player has been upgraded to v2. There is no change in the functionality itself, but it allows for a more future proof solution.

Manager Portal

We have done preliminary work for a new module. This new module will show all currently active jobs for a hiring manager. In brief, the following is shown:

  • The open vacancies;
  • The amount of entries by status (Current, Rejected, etc.);
  • The open advertisements.

More information will follow in the near future, so keep an eye out for the announcement!


  • Free fields of type 'multiple select' were shown as single select on the Javascript form. These fields are now correctly shown as multiple select.
  • In some cases the external code did not show with the GET functions call. These codes are now displayed correctly again.


  • The name of the sender can be changed from "Last Name, (First Name) Initials prefix" to "First Name prefix Last Name", e.g. From Geul, (Maarten) to Maarten Geul
    • This is an optional change that must be performed by our Support Department. If you have any questions about this or wish to make use of this option, please feel free to contact us.