Release 2021.9



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General changes and fixes
Manager Portal
New Modules
     Vacancy overview
     Interview module

General changes and fixes

  • We fixed a conflict between the modules Anonymization and Onboarding.

  • In some cases, the number of hours of a job posting was not correctly transmitted to Mimir. This is now being sent correctly.

  • We have made some security changes in our applications.

  • When sending the e-mail confirming retention of data, an outdated anonymization date was shown. This now shows the correct, current anonymization date.


  • We have added a definition overview (mapping) for candidates to the API documentation.
  • Deleting and re-uploading documents in the JavaScript form did not always show the correct uploaded document. Now the document is shown correctly at the upload field.


Several new fields have been added to the recruitment form of the onboarding process. The following fields now may optionally be added to the form:

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Street Name
  • House Number
  • Addition House Number
  • Postal Code
  • City

Manager Portal

Manager portal users can now set their email address as their login name. Previously, this could only be set from within the application.

New Modules

Vacancy Overview in the Manager Portal

As of release 2021.9, the new module 'vacancy overview' is available in the Manager Portal. This new module will show all of a hiring manager's currently active vacancies. The following will be displayed:

  • The open vacancies;
  • The number of entries by status (ongoing, rejected, unsubscribed, and accepted);
  • The open advertisements
  • The publications/advertisements that exist for the vacancy in question.

More information about this module will follow in the near future. Be sure to keep an eye on the announcements!


Interview Module in the Manager Portal

The new module 'Conversations' is available in the Manager Portal as of release 2021.9.

The Interview module was developed to allow Manager Portal users to give feedback on conversations through the portal. With the Interview module, we not only provide that capability, but we also provide a secure way to process personal data. 

The Interview module covers the step 'interview planned' and 'interview done' in the standard workflow. In the FastForward application a candidate is invited for an interview. In the Manager Portal, a user has an overview of the number of interviews to be conducted and can enter feedback on the interview, a final review, and status.

This input is visible to the recruiter in FastForward. It is no longer necessary to send the data by mail. 

For more information please contact your account manager or read the article 'Gesprekken in de Manager Portal' in our community.