Vacancy overview in the Manager Portal

The Vacancy overview in the Manager Portal gives the hiring manager insight into the open vacancies.




How it works


The vacancy overview was developed to provide the hiring manager an overview of the open vacancies in the Manager Portal. With the vacancy overview you can also generate an overview of the registered vacancies after entering a vacancy via the Vacancy Card in the Manager Portal.

The vacancy overview can be activated in the Manager Portal free of charge via Customer Support. A requirement is that the Manager Portal is already in use.


The vacancy overview provides an insight into the vacancies of the hiring manager which have been entered via the application or the Manager portal. It is an overview on which no further actions can be performed.



How it works

For the Manager Portal user

For the Recruiter

For the Superuser 

For the Manager Portal user

In the Manager Portal, the top menu will be expanded to include a vacancy overview heading.


The hiring manager can immediately see how many jobs are open in his/her name by the number displayed in the menu bar.

The vacancy overview

The hiring manager has insight into:

  • the open vacancies of the hiring manager
  • the date from
  • the organizational unit of the vacancy
  • the number of registrations per status (ongoing, rejected, unsubscribed and hired)
  • the publications per vacancy
  • the vacancy text


Viewing the advert text

The hiring manager can view the advert text by clicking on the "Display advert text" link. A preview will then be displayed.


Number of applications

Furthermore, the manager can see the number of applications by status. The registrations are sorted by status 

  • current
  • rejected
  • withdrawn
  • hired

The status 'In portfolio' is not shown in the vacancy overview.

Adding a vacancy in the Manager Portal

If your organization uses the Vacancy Card in the Manager Portal, you can, as a hiring manager, add a vacancy through the Manager Portal. After the vacancy has been entered, approved and has the status 'Open', it will be shown immediately in the vacancy overview. Approving a vacancy is only possible for organizations that use the module Approve Vacancy.


For the recruiter

When a vacancy is entered by the recruiter in the application, the following points are important for the vacancy to be displayed in the hiring manager's overview in the Manager Portal.

  • The vacancy must be in the name of the hiring manager
  • The vacancy has the status 'open'
  • The vacancy has been approved (only applies when using the module Approve Vacancy)
  • The closing date is in the future or is empty


The advertisements you publish will also be shown in the Vacancy overview in the Manager Portal. This way the manager knows immediately where the vacancy is published and if it has an end date. Optionally closed publications can not be shown in the Vacancy Overview via a setting in Managent.




For the superuser

After activating the job overview by Customer Support, one component can be adjusted via the Administration tab under Manager Portal settings. You can choose whether or not to show the closed advertisements in the vacancy overview. This setting then applies to all vacancies in the vacancy overview. 

Note: As of release 2021.11 this functionality can be set by the hiring manager himself in the portal with a filter. The setting in Administration will disappear. An administrator of the application does not need to do settings in the module Vacancy overview.