Release 2021.11

Release 2021.11

Dec 16, 2021


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General changes and fixes
API and Javascript
Vacancy overview in the manager portal

General changes and fixes

  • A bug has been resolved allowing the interview module settings screen to be accessed properly again.

  • We fixed a conflict between the Anonymization module and the Conversations module.

  • When submitting data via the web service, special characters were not being correctly included causing them to show as "?" in the application. These characters are now sent correctly.

  • In some cases it is desirable that registrations can still take place after the closing date of the advertisement. A setting has been developed to facilitate this process. If you want to know more or make use of this, please contact Customer Support. 

API and Javascript

  • Through the API it is now possible to retrieve the function of the contact person in the vacancy feed.

  • Javascript forms have been adjusted so that more characters can be used. This helps when creating large forms

Vacancy Overview in the Manager Portal

As of release 2021.9, the new 'Vacancy Overview' module is available in the Manager Portal.

We have implemented a change that allows the hiring manager to filter on whether to show active advertisements or all advertisements.




If you are interested in this module, please contact Customer Support at



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    Carlijn Wagemakers

    Due to technical issues, Release 2021.11 has been postponed.

    We are investigating this with urgency and updates will follow via this article. We will keep you posted on the new release date.