(Solved) Incident - Webservers and Management Information unavailable

Between Tuesday 29 Mar. 2022 00:00 and 29 Mar. 2022 10:15, due to technical difficulties, XMLs, HTML pages on the domain connexys.nl were unavailable.

Our API and JavaScript forms were unaffected.

The following components were affected

  • XML
  • Web pages on domain connexys.nl
  • Management Information

What was going on?

Published vacancies were not updated.
Web pages hosted at connexys.nl were unavailable.

What could you notice about this?

If our SGT/iframe forms are used, applications via these forms were not possible.
Management Information in Fastforward was unavailable.

Our API en JavaScript forms were unaffected.

The incident is solved. The management information is one day behind. The data will automatically be updated tonight. 


Do you have questions about this incident? Please send an email to support@connexys.com. or contact Bullhorn FastForward Support on tel. +31 10 498 09 88.