(Solved) Disruption Textkernel (CV Parsing)

This afternoon there was a disruption with our supplier Textkernel. More information can be found below.

This disruption concerned

CV parsing

The automatic data extraction.

What was going on?

Textkernel was having a disruption. They identified the cause of the issues and resolved them. Services are restored as well.

What could you have noticed?

It could happen that not all data was extracted from a CV. This went for the application form as well as within the application itself.

Was a workaround available?

No workaround was available.

When do we expect this to be fixed?

Textkernel fixed the issue about one hour after it happened.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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    Paul de Ruiter

    Textkernel have identified the cause of the issues and are working on resolving them. Once that succeeds the services will be restored as well, however, the timeline for this is not yet clear.

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    Paul de Ruiter

    Textkernel have been able to resolve the cause of the disruption and all their services in the Dutch data center have been restored.