(Solved) Disruption - Application unavailable

Due to a technical outage, our production environment was unavailable between 12:30 and 21:30 CET.

This outage affected the following components:

All application functionalities in the production environment. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The recruitment application
  • The Mobility application
  • The Manager Portal
  • The Candidate Portal
  • The API
  • XML feeds
  • Application forms

What was going on?

Due to a technical disruption in our data center, the Production environment was unavailable.

What can you notice about this?

The Connexys application Fastforward was unavailable, it was also not possible to apply for jobs.


Do you have questions about this incident? Please send an email to support@connexys.com. or contact Bullhorn FastForward Support on phone number +31 10 498 09 88.